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Basilicata, one more Italy, is a project designed and created by Saverio Grippo, from Basilicata and Takara Hashimoto from Tokyo, Japan; members of the  Travel Agency/Tour Operator “iVoyages”.  Their long experience in international travel and in-depth knowledge in the territory helps to ensure the best organization of living experience in Basilicata.

The Project is made in collaboration of different partners, for guarantee an high professional level in the fields of tourism and education.

[cml_media_alt id='1337']Ivoyage[/cml_media_alt] The agency specializes in organizing trips and qualified incoming in Basilicata, Sicily, Puglia and Emilia Romagna and outgoing through an extensive network of branches in Basilicata and Sicily.
[cml_media_alt id='1342']logo_ilb2[/cml_media_alt] Through the network of our parter Italy Location Bureau, specialized in exclusive destinations,  we can guarantee to organize tours in all the italian territory, contact us for know more about it or for book a tour in other destinations in Italy.
[cml_media_alt id='1339']arenacea[/cml_media_alt] The Cooperative Arenacea manages in Irsina the sixteenth-century former convent of St. Francis as multipurpose cultural center adapted and equipped to produce and offer to the community a variety of activities and cultural events, is permanent (Museo Civico Archeologico Janora) is of a temporary nature (exhibitions, shows theater and music, film festivals, conferences).
[cml_media_alt id='1340']1173783_641674862517468_1631089085_n[/cml_media_alt] CESMA, established in Milan in 1968, offer Executive Education though tools and practical solutions to the business challenges faced by its clients, mainly in the industrial, commercial and service sectors as well as public bodies.  CESMA often works in cooperation with national and international organisations. Its special approach is the exclusive use of practising managers in teaching and consultancy to provide a two-way transfer of expertise, supported by a strong emphasis on personal development.