The ‘calanchi’ (badlands) characterise the rough landscape of south-eastern Basilicata, surrounded by the Sauro, the Agri and the Basento valleys. In this part of the region, it is possible to notice parallel or fan-shaped furrows, created by surface water erosion on clayey slopes, called ‘calanchi’ and perfectly described in Christ stopped at Eboli by Carlo Levi.

The land in this area is bare and rich in white clay, steep and characterised by precipices and valleys excavated by water erosion. A regional park is being established to protect and preserve the natural and landscape characteristics of the area.

It will include the towns of Aliano, Stigliano and Gorgoglione in the Matera area and the towns of Armento, Corleto Perticara, Gallicchio, Guardia Perticara, Missanello and S. Martino d’Agri in the Potenza area.