Craco the “Ghost Town”

The town of Craco is Located In The Hills Above The Lucananian Appennines, halfway between the mountains and the sea. If you are travelling between Matera and the Pollino National Park, make Craco a stop on your itinerary. Due to recurring earthquakes and landslides in the mid-twentieth century, the town’s 1,800 Inhabitants Were Forced To Abandon their homes, leaving Craco completely uninhabited. Hardly touched since then, the town is known to locals as ‘the Ghost Town’, where time stood still.

The Atmosphere In The Narrow Streets Is Eerie, and in addition there is a warning for falling debris, however, around the town impressive ravines can be admired. You are NOT PERMITTED TO WALK THROUGH THE RUINS UNACCOMPANIED. The view of the town on approach is quite spectacular and it is possible to Walk Up To The Castle’s Tower At The Summit To Admire An Amazing Panorama.

Making various ‘top 10 ghost towns’, Craco has made a name for itself as a must see location. Because of its unique landscape Craco has been used as the backdrop for a number of movies including Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of the Christ’.