Flight of the Eagle

The Flight of the Eagle is a zip-wire adventure that offers a ‘hand gliding’ style experience over the park below. It is located in San Costantino Albanese in the Pollino National park, although not for the faint of heart, it is a family friendly experience for up to four people to enjoy together.

The three minute experience begins by being securely harnessed into the specially designed four seat glider. The glider slowly makes its ascent up a 1200m steel cable above the Pollino National Park, providing ample time to take in the magnificent views, once the glider reaches the top it makes an exhilarating free fall decent back down, reaching speeds of up to 80kmph.


Category:            Sport, Adventure
Place:                    Pollino
Time:                    up to 30 min.
Avaiability:        Subject to the calendar for the opening of the structure



Waterfalls at Pollino National Park

Pollino National Park is Italy’s largest national park, covering 1960 square kilometres and bridging the regions of Basilicata and Calabria.
The park is an ideal location for hiking and offers a mix of stunning views combined with interesting flora and fauna.