Kayak Experience

Taking to the water in a boat you control yourself is always a thrill and certainly gives you an appreciation of how important it is to respect the water. Our canoeing and kayaking experiences are a chance to learn everything you need to know about these small craft and enjoy beautiful scenery as you go.


Category:             Sport, Adventure
Place:                    Policoro
Time:                     1h – 2h
Avaiability:       Always, with reservation



Marinagri, in Policoro

Policoro is a picturesque beach resort situated on the Ionian coast, just down from Metaponto. Set in a beautiful location, Policoro is the heart of tourism in the area and is a perfect resort for families due to its fantastic beaches with shallow waters and clean sands as well as many nearby attractions.
The waters around Policoro are so clean that rare breed turtle such as the loggerhead and Dermoncheilde nest on the beaches. The local Turtle Sanctuary monitors this and provides the opportunity to learn more about them.