The medieval town of Melfi is situated in the province of Potenza, at the foot of the extinct volcano; Mount Vulture. The town itself is surrounded by a winding Norman city wall, the only one of its kind in Southern Italy.

Melfi has been inhabited since Neolithic times but begun gaining importance throughout the Middle Ages when it became the Norman Capital of Southern Italy. The spectacular scenery of this medieval village is not to be missed, with its splendid cathedral, Norman walls and rich cultural heritage.

Melfi is most famous for being the chosen headquarters of the Roman Emperor Federico II of Svevia. From here he issued the famous “Constitutiones Augustales” to regulate feudal rights; the imposing stone castle which stands on the hill was said to be his favourite residence.


Emerging from the rock face you will discover what is to be considered as one of the most beautiful castles in Italy, featuring an impressive 10 towers. The castle has been modified by its various residents over the years, and now includes the Archaeological Museum of Melfi which houses a fascinating collection of local artefacts dating back to 8th century BC including a sarcophagus of Asian origin dating back to the 2nd century BC.


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