The seaside town of Metaponto is located on the Ionian coast, situated on a plain between the rivers of Bradano and Basento. Metaponto offers beautiful, clean beaches and an azure sea making it perfect for family holidays. The variety of restaurants, cafes and hotels make Metaponto popular with tourists during the summer months.

As well as the beautiful coastline, it is possible to visit Greek columns and amphitheatres surrounded by lush vineyards.

Metaponto, Magna Graecia

Archeological area of Metaponto, Magna Graecia

Founded by the Greeks in the seventh century BC, Metaponto formed part of the ancient civilisation of Magna Graecia, which once stretched across the bottom of Italy’s boot. The town has a rich archaeological history and has many attractions for tourists including the Archaeological Park where you can see impressive remains of the Palatine tables where knights gathered before heading off to the Crusades. The countryside surrounding the town contains many archaeological sites, and there is another archaeological park further north that has four temples dedicated to the Greek gods Hera and Athena.

Film director Francis Ford Coppola, famous for the classic movie trilogy ‘The Godfather’ has his family roots in Bernalda and has recently restored the Palazzo Margherita. This stunning palace was originally built in 1892 and has now been converted into both a family home and luxurious boutique hotel, perfect for a romantic getaway.

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