Workshop of Travel and Street Photography

Travel and Street Photography Workshops with Saverio Grippo. True adventures and learning experiences. A long list of exciting locations in Basilicata: Unesco places, movie locations, nature, mountains, lakes, sea, small villages and ghost towns.
A photography workshop with Saverio Grippo is an intensive travel and street photography adventure where Saverio not only discusses participant photos, but shoots daily in pairs with them. The aim of the workshop is not only to bring home some great pictures but through Saverio’s lessons to improve photographic craft (composition, light, social skills), learn about editing your work and find your own personal style. Participants return from the workshop confident, inspired and motivated to keep developing as photographers.
At the end of the excursion everyone gets together to discuss and edit their photos with post production.


Category:           Cultural experiences and learning
Place:                    Everywhere
Teacher:              Experienced Travel Photographer
Time:                   2h – 4h
Avaiability:       Always, with reservation
Extras:               Demostration of Post Production.


Summer sky

Summer sky in Irsina Countryside

Basilicata is a region that has many unique attractions for the world of photography, its landscape ranges from the mountains to the coast, including Dolimiti, gentle rolling hills, ravines, natural parks. Unique places (often used as the set for famous films) of rare beauty, small villages that enclose the Italian tradition.