Workshop of professional Pizza

Make pizza in the oven with our professional pizza chef, called pizzaiolo. You will learn how to make tender, flexible yeast dough that stretches to almost paper-thinness, even the trick for a flavorful yet light tomato sauce. Even if you bake pizza in your own oven, these techniques are universal and using them really makes a difference. With the pizzaiolo, you’ll make your very own pizza, you’ll stretch it, sauce it, bake it, slice it. It will be the best pizza you ever tasted, and you made it yourself!


Category:           Cultural experiences and learning
Place:                    Irsina
Teacher:              Professional Pizzaiolo
Time:                   2h – 4h
Avaiability:       Always, with reservation
Extras:               You will have a lunch/dinner with food prepared



workshop of Pizza in a real pizzeria

The Workshop takes place in the pizzeria/ristorante Rodari Park, one of the best places in the area where to eat a real italian pizza, thank’s to the experience of more than 30 years in making pizza.