Discover the Rock Churches

There are over 150 rock churches in the Murgia National Park; all present different architecture and iconography, the most famous is the “Crypt of the Original Sin” considered the Sistine Chapel of rock churches, we can name also San Leonardo, San Giacomo, Cappuccino vecchio and Santa Cesarea. They were made mostly in the early Middle Ages during a period that saw the intersection of the Greek Byzantine culture with the Latin world and they also are carved into the rock.

You will enjoy an excursion for discover the history, art and religion preserved in that caves.


Category:            Sightseeing
Place:                    Matera
Time:                    1h – 6h
Avaiability:        Always, with reservation


Murgia Materana National Park

Caves of the park

The Murgia National Park was established in 1990 with the name of Parco Regionale Archeologico Storico Naturale delle Chiese Rupestri del Materano (Natural Historic Archaeological Regional Park of the Rock Churches of the Matera region). It has been included in the UNESCO World heritage List together with the Sassi di Matera; this is the spectacular Italian rocky landscape which best testifies the ancient relationship between man and nature in southern Italy.