Rapolla Thermal Springs

In a region so favored by nature such as Basilicata , there are thermal springs with water and sludge suitable for well-being and restore tone to any person .
The Spa of Rapolla , being in one of the most scenic areas and pristine of Basilicata , offer their visitors a stay of peace and tranquility.

Rapolla , situated on the slopes of the Vulture , an extinct volcano (1326 m) in whose crater was formed two lakes Monticchio , has medieval origins and a glorious past as a Norman fortress , as well as the surrounding area of great natural and architectural evidence fine . More recently , however, the history of its thermal discovered only in the early nineteenth century and immediately appreciated for its therapeutic properties of the waters that gush out .

Below the village of Rapolla a river invisible and silent , dark and secret paths along which is enriched with minerals and useful features for beneficial spa treatments . At the end of their journey hidden , the thermal waters flow from three sources .

The spa exploits the natural resources of the calcicbicarbonate-sulphate-salt waters from three springs in the ‘Orto del Lago’ district of Rapolla. These waters are used in balneotherapy for the treatment of dysmetabolic complaints, neurovegetative dystonia, illness of the peripheral nervous system, some neurosis, dysendocrinia, the consequences of some diseases of the joints and chronic skin complaints. Inhalation therapy is the treatment for respiratory problems, complaints of the pharinx, and larynx, of the bronchial tracts, bronchial asthma and asmatic bronchitis. Inhalations promote the fluidification and elimination of residual mucous. The mud baths are ideal for the treatment of fibrocistic complaints such as sciatica, myalgia and peri-arthritic complaints, polyarticular osteoarthritis, spondylarthrosis, Heberden’s nodes, rhyzoarthrosis, uricemic rheumatism, neuralgia, radiculalgia and neuritis due to osteoarthritis, gout of the joints, dysmetabolic atropathy of rheumatism, muscular rheumatism, myositis, abdominal residue resulting from cholecystectomy.

Mud paths are also used for cosmetic and beauty treatments.

Once again a wide variety of trips and excursions are available between one treatment and another. Rapolla is situated in an area rich in history and natural beauty. And as if that were not enough, Rapolla and surroundings offer sports facilities such as tennis, swimming, horse-riding and the famous Italian ‘bocce’ (bowls) and the well-deserved replenishment after all this activity can be found in the very good restaurants and then for taste of the highly esteemed local wine, Aglianico del Vulture, DOC.


Category:           Spa and Wellness
Place:                   Vulture
Time:                   2h – 1 day
Avaiability:       Always, with reservation