Laboratory of Traditional food

Would you like to learn more about traditional Italian cooking? a very special experience will let you into the secrets of Basilicata’s typical cooking; Expert grandmothers will teach you how to prepare delicious gourmet sweets and product related with the history of the place, antique dishes that represent the soul of local festivities and special moments of the community!


Category:           Cultural experiences and learning
Place:                   Irsina
Teacher:             Expert Grandmother
Time:                   2h – 4h
Avaiability:       Always, with reservation
Extras:               You will have a lunch/dinner with food prepared


San Francesco convent Irsina

High view of the San Francesco convent in Irsina

The Workshop takes place in the charming former convent of St. Francis of Irsina, houses the Archaeological Museum Janora. The building is a convent of the XVI century, situated in a panoramic position in the heart of the historic center of the country.