Workshop of Cake Decoration ケーキデコレーション・レッスン

Treat yourself to a fun learning experience! Our enjoyable workshops focus on one exciting project of decorating technique, to help you create fabulous gifts〔素晴らしい贈り物) for your family and friends.


You don’t have to be a chef or even experienced in the kitchen to decorate a cake, this course of Cake Decoration will teach you the techniques for making treats that will amaze your friends and family.


カテゴリー :      文化体験レッスン
 場所:         イルシーナ、ポリコーロ(ホームステイ)
 講師  :         経験豊富なイタリアンヤングマンマ             
            所要時間  :        2-4時間

Avaiability  可能時期 :    Always, with reservation 年間、要予約
Extras    その他:          You will enjoy the cake that you prepared. 出来上がったケーキをコース終了後お召し上がり頂けます。


San Francesco convent Irsina



The Workshop takes place in the charming former convent of St. Francis of Irsina, houses the Archaeological Museum Janora. The building is a convent of the XVI century, situated in a panoramic position in the heart of the historic center of the country.